Something ~by~ The Beatles (george Harrison)

I think this is George Harrison's best song.  I think it is as good as anything John or Paul wrote and proved that he is in the same league as the other two "more famous" Beatles as a song writer.


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I miss George. I saw an interview with McCartney once about how George carried a ukelele around with him wherever he went. And liked to play this song on it up tempo so anybody around could sing along with him. Can't you just hear how he would do it? LOL! Tom Petty talks about that too.....,How George always carried extra ukeles around in the trunk of his car cause "you never know" when people will want to play along. <br />
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That's so English! <br />
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Now I'm nostalgic for my favorite song by him....I'm going to post it.

This song totally takes me back to a girl I used to date. She was beautiful and amazing. And this song, yes you picked a great one... just takes me back. * reminisces* Thank you.

A great song. Thanks for sharing.

Love this one! Here Comes the Sun is another all time fave of mine. I think Harrison was underrated for sure. But no matter how you slice it, these guys put out some of the most amazing songs of all time. {love, love} them! Thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful song

yes it is one of my all time favorites