Princess Cinny Buns Is My Caviar

We belong together....don't you think?  This plain potato chip policeman loves his Beautiful Caviar Princess ;)

BigRedMachine BigRedMachine
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** HOWLING LAUGHING** Omg, NJ is so fun!! have to tell us what your Fluffy Thug says when he reads that!!

HAHAHAHA.....oh my gosh, I am rolling laughing!! I LOVE IT.... I must write these two rules down and post them for TrprBadass to see....yep, I'm putting them right on the ol' fridge so he can't miss 'em!! Teehee.....these are gold ;)

Don't you love our sister NJ's humor? Omg, too funny!

Tahaha, good boy, you know you don't want Badass on your case, and remember, I know how to "wield a big glowing wooden spoon" !! I know you love her, sweetie, and you're a good man. (eew, dude, he gave you "the look"...yikes! that be some serious biz!!)<br />
<br />
As for my Fluffy Thug being a brave man....teehee....yes he is! He does try to be all stern and serious with me but I got his number. Allzzzz I gotzzzz to do is wink at the big guy and he falls apart and laughs. Pffffttt..... and that makes Moi LARGE AND IN CHARGE! Weeeeeheeee I love it ;)

Howling laughing!

lol, Miss Giggles you are a Pip!

I would NEVER make AF cry, all I want is her happiness and to love her 'til the end of time. Besides, I don't want to go up against the formidable duo of "Badass and Giggles".....I ain't crazy!<br />
Lol, yes, I noticed for one who is so little, your wife loves the "large and in charge".... I can't picture her as anything but Ming the Merciless Mischief-maker, lmao. You are a brave man!

OMG AGAIN WITH THE HELMET THING! Hmm...maybe I should get Giggles one. Aah, that won't work, she won't part with her DARTH helmet for love nor money. Seems she has a thing for being "large and in charge", lol<br />
<br />
Btw, nice song ;) The princess is definitely good to her man or you deal with me and Giggles! She's like my little sister *gives you "the look"*

Oooh! I've seen "the look"....he better be good to her for sure or I'll be right there with you and I'll give him more than a look, lol ...but I know he's a good boy, nothing to worry about, Trpr ;)

oooh, on fire? work here is done! Lol, yes, I do recall an ad like that. Btw, I LOVE that helmet, I think I know what to get you for Valentine's Day....or I guess it would actually be for me? ;p

oh good heavens you are BAD! lol

**flashes Bangbang a big smile** I love this song ;) You may be right....time will tell. Plain potato chip? <br />
**Princess Caviar slips on Stormtrooper helmet and activates voice**, Isn't there an ad that says "bet you can't eat just one?" lol<br />
My heart is en fuego, Chulo ;)

Aaawww! **giggles and slips out the door** **peeks back in for sec** Pssst...Red, love the song. You two are adorable ;)

lol, thanks Giggles ;)

Oh how sweet ;) There 's nothing plain about either one of you! hugs

Thanks DM ;)