Pearl Jam.  I almost picked a different song.  But this one . . .

I've posted it before.  But today, it seems . . . apropos.

It haunts me . . . 

laynemeyer laynemeyer 36-40, M 5 Responses Feb 14, 2012

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This song has a very personal meaning to me. I have to listen anytime I hear it play. My insides tremor and my mind escapes.

Eddie Vedder is one of the sexiest men alive. Thank you for sharing. ~Nikki

It is one of the most beautiful songs, a perfect combination of music and lyrics.

Could not agree more. 'Wishlist' is another song I appreciate by Pearl Jam.

They have many. Threads is one of my favorites. And Breath. I could go on and on...

Too many to list....

Way too many...several albums worth, in fact

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Can i ask what the original song was before you chose this one?

I almost went with Elderly Woman Behind the Counter . . .

That's my favorite Pearl Jam song!

Great choice

Thank you. I happen to agree.

it is definitely a bit haunting...

A bit? :)

Just a bit.

lol...ok a lot a bit!!! haha :)

hugs and hugs.....

Thanks, Sie . . .