Man I Used To Be

Loosing sight of what matters/ dimming my demeanor in the brightness of the flatter/ Enticing is the chatter of room filled with candor/ Replaced by the fumes that conclude with the banter/ Moth to a flame & couldn't hold a candle to what I use to be, to what I use to handle/ I use to be hungry appetite for respect/ Now I just expect people want something from me/ Service at a table that revolved in my favor/ designated savior guess I'm picking up the check/ developing a pallet for a rather bitter flavor/ the fruits of my labor at a price I won't fetch/ cost me friends, cost me an ex/ but that ain't even debt that I would see as regret/ But most men would, as I probably should/ the man I am now ain't the man I recollect/ 

Searching for the elements of how I came together/ stumbled on some blame, bumped into whatever/ my disposition say that I don't give a **** never/ there was a few times that the armor got severed/ The walls came down & the skin wasn't leather/ & if you wanted to hurt me, the closer, the better/my foes were, poser as a shoulder/ & went I to lean on, they let me fall over/ & those are, the lessons that you when you're older/ it's harder to burned when your heart becomes colder/ a bolder, but in return for your heart of stone/ it's harder to let your guard down when the problems gone/ a soldier, that keeps fighting when the war's done/ forever ready for when more comes/ aiming a the mirror I might end up shooting me/ don't recognize the man that I use to be/ who's he/

I can relate to this and I totally dig...

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@bleubyrd LOL no that's not me. This is by an artist name Oddisee. Definitely check him out when you can.

Sounds great!!!! You sing AND rap .... nice!

Thanks wondersbeyondgalaxy ;)

Well I'm not a man but I understand,<br />
wealth of a conscience well done.<br />
Hope you're well Tummy.