Delilah I Love You So!

This is my feel good, happy song that I love! I play the video on YouTube everyday, as it brightens everything up. Fav lyrics:
I'm fighting a war that I did not chose, I'm pointing a gun at my oldest friend, Keep fighting my love darling you'll prevail;
But I love you so, Even when I have doubts,
But I love you so, spending all of my time;
But I leave you lonely, and you leave me in doubt!
But I love you so, and so, and so!
I'm falling apart at my every seam'
I'm chasing my tail, whilst you chase your dreams,
Inhaling the Stench of my loves Betrayal,
Keep finding my love darling, you'll prevail.
But you own a lifetime, of woes ,but they aint mine
You know I love you so ,and so, and so!
Youtube it!!! Enjoy it! Cath
cath17 cath17
36-40, F
May 19, 2012