The Verve, Bitter Sweet Sympathy!

This is also a fav of mine, its an oldie but a classic! I love the video of him barging his way along the street, knocking people over! He's so cool!!
Fav lyrics, well all, but I 'll say a few!!
It's a bittersweey symphany ,that's life.
You live your life are a slave to money ,then you die!
I'll take you down the road the only one I've been down!
Some say I can change, I can change,I can change
But I'm here on my own, But I'm here on my own
And I'm a million different people ,from one day to the next,
I can change my moan, no no, no no,nooo!
Youtube it!! Enjoy!!
cath17 cath17
36-40, F
May 19, 2012