julie , by the levellers and american dreamer by gene clark...
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wow how did your dad become a millionaire did he win the lottery ? or did he win who wants to be a millionaire? am not sick of you toots , you seem to be drawing me deeper and deeper into your intrigue. toots in solitude,, mmmm so you sold your wordly goods and went to live in a tree house and left your wife then shacked up with a drug dealer who was escaping her boyfriend or something alone those lines. honestly toots reading your daily posts are helping me through the madness i call life at the moment , someone once said to me the books you read can say a lot about a person. so i wonder what "toots in solitude" says about you but you seem to be keeping that mystery alive and rightly so my virtual friend. dating sites lol am sure they work for some people that bloke i speak of a lot he met his ex wife that way and she proceeded to take him for every penny he had and break him and even before they were married slept with his best man, so my advice is never search for your soul mate through the world wide web, the cosmic web will prove more fruitful.....nite nite dear toots x