Had The Best Radio Day Ever!

I don't know what it was with my radio DJs (I listen to MPR theCurrent) today, but they were just ON. Song after song just brought a smile to my face. All day I'm like ooh this is my song, nope THIS is the SotD, NO THIS ONE! Then at almost 11 PM right before I'm about to log off, I'm reading someone's story "My husband's on EP! Should I friend him?" ... in the context of the group it was posted in - prooobably not. First thing that came to my mind was this song and I've been giggling to myself for like 10 minutes. I love this song so much.

And for the awesome songs - I listened to a Weezer CD on my drive in, and popped in my ear buds at work. They played The Avett Bros Live and Die, Liz Phair Polyester Bride, Deep Purple Hush, and then the 9:30 coffee break hit (right after I returned from my daily meeting) - the theme for the next half hour - songs featuring a freaking SITAR!!!... I Die! And to top it off they do a Beatles sandwich. The Beatles "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", The Box Tops "Cry Like a Baby", Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 "Chove Chuva", Stevie Wonder "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)",
Moody Blues "Om", and The Beatles "Within You, Without You"

Then they play The Lumineers Submarines which I didn't know I loved. A few more awesome songs, Doomtree then Curtis Mayfield Pusherman. I swear I almost exploded in awesome when they played this. I'll spare you from naming off the rest of the day's playlist, but seriously every other song is one that I loved - old and new. And then in the afternoon the DJ has a no apology track - she played DEBBIE GIBSON. 6 year old me jumped for joy and did a cartwheel on the inside. 2 songs later inner 20 yr old me did the same thing after Lauryn Hill song (even if it was a sad song).

I hope everyone can be dealt a radio royal flush some day!
S74rxed S74rxed
36-40, F
Jul 17, 2012