What Becomes Of A Broken Hearted

Just heard this recorded by some one other than the original and I keep singing it " as i walk this land of broken dreams I have visions of many things,happiness is just an illusion filled with sadness and confusion...."
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I bought a CD just because it HAD that song on it. It has 13 other songs on it, why is it that that particular song gets scratched and 13 songs I will never listen to are perfectly fine. I don't know how he did it but I know he's behind it. Damn you Murphy.

An old classic this. Great song

Good tune

i was driving to work listening to Simon and Garfunkel i love there music

Thanks for the link :-)

feeling it

Would it be jimmy ruffin? That's the version I have. Actually I think it's the only version I've heard.

Altogether on the chorus ...

What becomes of the broken hearted?

Those whose love has now departed

I know I've got to find

Some kind of peace of mind

Help me, please!

Search title @ youtube

what an amazing song. one of my all time top-ten and yep, only Jimmy Ruffin can do it justice :)

I love it :-)

A JimmyRuffin classic. I've always loved this song. :)

Me too :-)

A great song from a very memorable era.

Thanks for reminding me of that song, Bornabrit. Its melody is as beautiful as its message. I didn't even know the line "happiness is just an illusion filled with sadness and confusion" was part of it. I'll have to find the song and listen to it carefully now, thanks to you.

I live for the moment and pray not to have broken dreams, but great memories of the moment, a week, a month, a year, however long it last.

Hi there BB...those sound like familiar lyrics to an old song I can't seem to remember much else :)

It is an old song ..I heard it on the radio..few weeks ago :-) I

you are a sexy monkey

LOVE Motown<br />
<br />
Read Diana Ross bio a while back & saw 2/3 Motown acts biopics on Sky

"And I can't get it out of my head,<br />
No, I can't get it out of my head.<br />
Now my old world is gone for dead<br />
Cos I can't get it out of my head"<br />
<br />
got your head in Bornabrit? loool.. you have now started .. I can't get it out my head now..

I dont agree with that.

This was on the soundtrack of The Big Chill, right? <br />
<br />
Now what becomes of the broken-hearted<br />
Who had love that's now departed?<br />
I know I've got to find,<br />
Some kind of peace of mind,<br />
I'll be searching everywhere,<br />
Just to find someone to care.

yeah thats it I cant get it out of my head ............still :-)

They become cynical old f%&ks with padlocks on their hearts because of people's malfunctioned behavior. Not necessarily illusion. :-)