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Not a clue why- Breakfast at Tiffany's popped into my head at 5am this morning. Yes, I was up at 5am.....

you ever feel a huge change coming? Feel it in your bones?

And an updated version

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An all-time great. The version that made No. 1 in the UK in 1961 (yes I know it was before my time...:-)) was by a splendid South African singer called Danny Williams. He had a beautiful, soulful voice not unlike that of Sam Cook and he effortlessly carried off Mancini's tune, gently caressing the line 'my huckleberry friend' (thank you Johnny Mercer for that one :-)) which was the most memorable and figurative of the song. Williams had further hits not any as big I don't think but his 'Wonderful World of the Young' was so stunning you really, really want to be there....

=) thank you. I shall look that one up.

Just watched this movie for the first time last night and loved it <3

Do I ever feel a big change coming? Something big is happening at my home... I don't know that it feels like a good thing coming... I don't know ... Glad I'm not the only one.

wow love the movie love the song !!! =-)


Yes, I do feel when change is coming, Nice choices.

Not only was Audrey Hepburn a revered actress for both her range ("Roman Holiday" to "Wait Until Dark"), she was a lady who no one has matched in class. And she was a true humanitarian. The day she died, Heaven got the most angelic of Angels.

Yes indeed sir.

Roman Holiday was a good movie.

I love this song. It makes me feel all warm & cosy... It's one of those that comes to mind seemingly out of nowhere & I end up singing it to myself for days at a time. <3

I love this song. Never fades with my childhood memories. Thanks for posting.

=) makes me smile each time....

Huge change. Yes, me too. I don't listen much to music, but that's a very memorable song from a favourite film.

Yes.... right now I feel like something big is going to go down ...there are going to be major changes.... I feel it in my gut...or looming above me... so strange that feeling...

Should we be scared, go into survivalist mode? My sense of the otherworldly has been turned off since I was a kid and used to get night terrors.

High school class song, 1961 - ah, memories...

good memories?

All in all, good memories, yes. Sometimes it seemed like that year would never end, sometimes it seemed like it was going too fast and we'd all be out into the "real world" way too soon, but we had some good times!

=) i know the feeling

Last time I saw that film I had the stomach flu and puked during the party scene :)