Moon River

Not a clue why- Breakfast at Tiffany's popped into my head at 5am this morning. Yes, I was up at 5am.....

you ever feel a huge change coming? Feel it in your bones?

And an updated version

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An all-time great. The version that made No. 1 in the UK in 1961 (yes I know it was before my time...:-)) was by a splendid South African singer called Danny Williams. He had a beautiful, soulful voice not unlike that of Sam Cook and he effortlessly carried off Mancini's tune, gently caressing the line 'my huckleberry friend' (thank you Johnny Mercer for that one :-)) which was the most memorable and figurative of the song. Williams had further hits not any as big I don't think but his 'Wonderful World of the Young' was so stunning you really, really want to be there....

=) thank you. I shall look that one up.

Just watched this movie for the first time last night and loved it <3

Do I ever feel a big change coming? Something big is happening at my home... I don't know that it feels like a good thing coming... I don't know ... Glad I'm not the only one.

wow love the movie love the song !!! =-)


Yes, I do feel when change is coming, Nice choices.

I love this song. It makes me feel all warm & cosy... It's one of those that comes to mind seemingly out of nowhere & I end up singing it to myself for days at a time. <3

I love this song. Never fades with my childhood memories. Thanks for posting.

=) makes me smile each time....

Yes.... right now I feel like something big is going to go down ...there are going to be major changes.... I feel it in my gut...or looming above me... so strange that feeling...