10 000 Stones By Adrianne

as the lyrics says ....

My days are filled with mistakes
Some that I didn't make
I carry them around
Some people don't feel a thing
Some kind of blissful dream
Wish I could live that now
oh I wish I could live that now

I've seen a lot in my life
I've seen two wrongs make a right
When everything was crashing
I know that you got your plans
You're always taking your stand
But I was only asking
I was never asking for

who knows what you think of me now
knowing sooner or later
the truth would come out
but I don't want to look back
don't want to look back to

And....in the end who knows this 10,000 stones hanging deep in my heart are the:
10,000 stones will save the fool in me
10,000 stones will be a strange blessing
10,000 stones will build the best of me

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Sep 7, 2012