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While I live, I will follow you if you will follow me.
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6 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Love the song, girl. It does fit BigRed and CelticPagan ... they are good men, hon, and care about your well-being just as Miss Moonsong and I do.
And damn skippy they'd answer to moi if I thought they weren't being good to you ... lol, but I can't see them being anything but gentlemen. You know I don't make friends with goons ;)

"goons"...lmbo... Miss AE says that and it always makes me laugh. They are gentlemen and that's why I enjoy their company so much. It's thanks to you and your man that I know's a blessing. Hugs to you and Trpr (oh, I hear he's back catching bad guys? That didn't take long ;)

We are definitely fortunate and blessed men, CelticPagan. No worries, Miss Moonsong. We know what a gift it is to know AF and I've told her many times, (as I wiped the tears away that FOTH caused), I will never cause her hurt or make her cry.

Thank you, sweet man ;)

Good grief NO, I would not care to 'answer' to either of you ladies, lol. I know you two love her as so many who cross her path do. One can't help but be drawn to her kind and loving spirit. I'll be good...promise ;)

Oh how sweet, CP. She is, indeed, a lovely lady and her smile brightens all our lives. I've not met such a spirit as hers in many a year, it is refreshing. There is one who could not recognize the gift the goddess had bestowed upon him in knowing AutumnFrost...his loss and I'm sure he will feel it the rest of his days. Be good to her, young man, or you'll answer to me (and Miss Giggles), lol. You don't want that ;) Hugs, DM

I'm not sure who you posted this for but I have a good guess. All I can say is that I am surely better for the smiles you give! BigRedMachine and I are truly the most fortunate of men to live in your light...never allow anyone to make that light fade, lovely lady. Warm hugs from your CelticPagan

Aaw, thank you so much. It matters not who it was posted for, you and BigRed have made me smile with your comments and I appreciate you both. You are fine men in a world where it seems few exists these days. Again, thank you. Hugs to you, AF

great lyrics, im feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Thanks for your comment, MadameHooch. I agree :) Blessings