I Am I Said By Neil Diamond

First of all, yes I like neil diamond. And this song encompasses everything I feel today because I feel lonely even though there are people all around. Everyone makes me sad like this song makes me sad. So many people are depressed and it depresses me like this song. It feels like a big hole that nothing can fill.
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real good song.

Love this song,
If you need a cheerup, then I recommend Neil Diamonds "Beautiful Noise" song.

Oh and Big Bang Theory is a definite for laughs!

I like that song too. I'm quite a fan.

I had the opportunity a couple of years back to see him in concert. He is amazing and radiates beauty (in a manly way of course!) His songs effect so much that I feel it with every cell in my body. Just brilliant!

would you tell me your favourites and why?

Sorry I did not get back to you. I like him because he's not just a musician- his music is like poetry. I don't like every song but the one's I do like really reach me. I like Soolaimon. It's like an epic story of the deepest yearnings of the soul. I like a song called Robert E. Lee from the Jazz singer. It's a fun lighthearted song. It makes me happy. I loved that song when I was a kid. I like America- it was my first introduction to Neil Diamond when I was eight. My friend and I listened to my mom's record over and over and made a dance to it .Song sung blue, brother loves traveling salvation show, Holly holy, I guess I can identify with the religious and spiritual undertone, the struggle between being human and spirit. Kentucky woman, forever in blue jeans, Cherry, cherry, Cracklin' Rose because they are upbeat and make me want to dance. Solitary man just because I identify. He is so powerful and convincing.

Thanks Galileos,
I love finding out peoples favourites and why as it tells me more about them then if I were to ask directly and get the ego (we all have one)spewing forth what it wants me to know. I have never met a neil Diamond fan or an avid gardener who didnt have a heart of gold. Its not possible to be angry and horrible and be either of those two things

That's a good way to get to know someone. I think I will try that. People really do like sharing what they like . I don't know about the heart of gold thing but I think you're right- I can't picture a terrible angry Neil Diamond fan/ gardener. That's funny.

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Lol thank you that was good.

Love this song. But sorry you feel sad. Lets think happy crappy stuff. Big Bang Theory? Green Wing? A woody allen classic? I can do knock knock jokes? Im even prepared to fall over whilst holding a custard pie ( some good old slapstick)