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The guys a mental giant..I quote:

Freight Train Rain - The Reivers (1985)
I used to call this my favorite song. It’s still among my favorite songs by defunct Austin bands with jangly guitars. That this song gained such high praise despite having the most distractingly echoey production you’ve ever heard is almost a miracle. (The album cover -basically a photo of an empty gymnasium - foreshadowed the singing-in-a-canyon reverberations within.)

And that this song gained such high praise despite featuring the worst background vocals you’ve ever encountered is truly a miracle. (Do NOT listen to this on headphones while isolating the female backing vocals on the right channel. I’m warning you. Do NOT do this.)

[Freight Train Rain is available via the last living MySpace song link. Hurry - visit now before it goes away.] (

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Dec 6, 2012