I Have Two Songs

I have two songs that right now are on the top of my playlist. The first one is by Randy Houser..........How Country Feels. I'll dedicate this to Tim...enjoy  :-)
It's a fun song and speaks to those of us that grew up in the country. And for those who wonder.....a holler is actually a small valley, 

The other is by Taylor Swift.........Begin Again. Really nice song about starting over


jacee1960 jacee1960
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I can't watch the vids, forbidden for Germany. :-(

Awww, I totally LOVED both of these! I have always liked Taylor!! I'm also a country girl!! I like to visit the big cities but my heart will always live where there is plenty of space and nature!! Awesome tunes jacee thanks for sharing them both!! ♥

Thanks Sie.........glad you enjoyed them.