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Game On

Hi ya fellow EP'eeps!

So my song of the day today is Game On by The Guild. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you why. The following 3 reasons, that's why:

1.) It's Monday, and everyone could use a laugh!

2.) I didn't sleep well and I might be (totally am) the slightest bit giggly.

3.) Did I mention it's Monday and I didn't sleep well? Oh ... I did? Okay then, time for "plan B": It's been a long weekend and I have an emotional week coming up and I just want to smile and be silly for awhile. 

4.) My dear sweet, sexy friend livelaughlovedream3 and I both embraced our inner geeks yesterday and in doing so shared two other music video's created by The Guild, so this once completes the set - a "Trio Mio" if you will. (Go watch The Flog, you'll get it. Oh, and stop giving me heck for posting 4 reasons instead of three! Sheesh!)


Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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*giggles* yes this should be the EP theme song.

*giggling also*

Either that or "Do You Want To Date My Avatar". :-)

That would be fitting too :-)

Felicia Day is having my babies and puppies. You heard it here first.

Gosh, whenever I need a boost-me-up, sometimes watching her and her positive kind of Aura and innocence while talking in front of the camera, about things that are fun, cool, and geeky.... well, just makes a little Heart of mine grow three times as wide. ::Grins::

*smiles in adoration at Lysander*

I've noted it for the record that you would like Felicia Day to have your babies and puppies! Though I think there might be a line-up that starts about 5 miles ----> that'a way. Just sayin'

I do kinda love her though. :-)

For her... or for me? ::Nictates::

Have you seen her thirty minute interview about how the Guild came to be? Honestly, her coming from a Home-schooled atmosphere, I'm just shocked about how well she's taken to being so... Positive about it all. I'm sure she's had her days, but the hard work and dedication she must have; very inspirational.

*laughs and rolls eyes at Lysander*

The line for you starts about 10 miles <---- that'a way. (Did that sufficiently stroke your ego?) :-P

I haven't seen that particular interview but I am familiar with her background. The homeschooling, the graduating as valedictorian, the being accepted to Juliard (Have you heard her play violin?!), etc. She is extremely intelligent and so down to earth. Who wouldn't love her?!

Depends on how soft your hands are when you did ::Laughs wholeheartedly:: Ooo... somebody stop me!

But yeah, she is an awesome person and that's what draws me to her is that down-to-earth-ness. Didn't she say she based Codex on herself? That one person that is always ending up healing and being the crux of the group, to re-invigorate and re-vitalize when the time arises. Plus, rising to the occasion when she needs to...

Ah, man. I've got a crush for her...

*smacks Lysander playfully*

I think she did say that, I can certainly see that being the case. As I can easily believe the crush. Hell, I might have a little one myself!

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