Punk rock is not a crime…but it should be, some have said. I really must disagree with that sentiment. Sometimes, you want to mellow out, stare at your navel, contemplate the meaning of life, and just generally chill. A little Frank Sinatra is perfect for those times. But there are other times, very different times, when all you want to do is throw things and break stuff. When it’s the latter, what could be better than some nasty azz punk rock to reinforce the mood? If that’s how you feel at the moment, I strongly recommend Sid Vicious’s delightful take on the old Sinatra classic, “My Way”. Unfortunately, doing it his way didn’t work out too well in the end for Sid, but he did give the world some pretty unforgettable performances.
Rutterman Rutterman
41-45, M
Aug 26, 2014