Least Resitant Path- By Me- Unreleased

At the risk of sounding pretentous, which I'm really not trying to be, I'm throwing one of my own out for my song of the day.
It is a song that talks about having the talent to make your life better, but not the means, due to whatever circumstance that keeps you just going with the flow, and letting whatever will happen...happen, instead of taking some control over your own fate and taking a chance that could very well better your situation...not sure how to classify it into a specific genre though!
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

your right , stick of fighting for now , ill let myself heal then who knows ,

Ok, ok..so let's pretend for a minute you know a person whom possessed this alleged talent and wasn't moving at the speed of your sound. How would you believe your post or ideals of will help? Motivational speaking? The encouragements I am sure are appreciated but set aside from peanut gallery type finger pointing, do you have anything constructive to contribute as in the way of helpful assistance?

Hey.. I am reading my own comment above I wrote the day of your post and Em feeling a bit ashamed of my tone.. I have to say if you ever are on a citywalk and see that certain something in that certain someone, rather than just throw change and relish in their talent. Tell them. Contribute via promotion or guidances. There are so many Cinderella stories just waiting to be realized from fairytale to the wonderful world of.... reality.