Song Of The Day

"Cruisin" by D'Angelo

I unno the sound of this song always relaxes me, even while working at a high stress job.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

joy of my life - john fogerty, this song reminds me of when things were real and my life was sane and stabil... thats what i always think of my daughter and grandson they are the joys of my life

Cry by Monica. I love this song she is telling her man it is okay to cry. She tells him boy give me your hand, rest yourself put your head on my shoulder, I'll be your help. I know everybody says that we cant be scared, but you do not have to be strong now, go ahead and shed a tear. So baby cry if you want to now, put your pride aside, Cuz it is just you and I now baby its alright, go ahead and cry.<br />
<br />
I just would want my man to know its alright, he does not have to be so hard, I am not going to love him any less. I got him so whatever it maybe that is on his mind, let it go right here in my arms. I got you boy.