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25 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Oo do it!

hehe I bet. There's been a couple of good games the last few weeks...

I would gladly choose NY over Fulham!<br />
<br />
I like the first song, despite it being a little depressing,

I hate boyfriend's exes/////

Why? I shall protect you!

but im freaked out now

You didnt even know!

not to freak me out like that though!

You told me to come over...

that's a bit creepy dude

I know! They all think that!

wow, that was you? I thought I'd left the window open

Very! don't even know i am there till i am breathing down your neck!

hehe stealth like!

I am very elusive!


no i dodged it!

back at ya!


usual, it'll pass

Whats wrong?

I don't think so

you okay?

yeah, great way to depress myself