I'll Figure It Out Somewhere In This Post

I am struggling with my choice today, as there are so many great songs that fit how I'm feeling today. The artists range from Tom Petty, to Bruce Springsteen, to Ozzy again, and back to Life house. If I were to choose a Life House song, it would be Holdin' On. But if it were Ozzy again, it would be No More Tears. And if it were from the other two guys...I can't even think about that...they both have great songs, but I can only think of the corny ones like Born in the USA, which is a great one but it feels corny to me today. Or two Gunslingers...I don't know why that ones in my head, it's one of his more odd and obscure tunes...but a good one at that!

So....to be different...I'm gonna go with Cross Canadian Ragweed and their song Seventeen, and follow it up from there with another song from the same album, Walls of Huntsville!!!!

There it is...I've made a choice...or two...hehehe but both are songs that I love so there they are
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 13, 2010