What If I Said..... I Will Never Surrender

Guess I'm not like the others.....

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This is a Great song !

This is a totally AWESOME song......Never,,,ever...ever...surrender.... I suck at rumbling....but I'll make food and keep the, "rumblers" all nice and fed!! :D

ha ha - i dont even know what rumbling is! I'm British.....! I did think moon was just hungry!

LOLOL..RUMBLY TUMMY!! Maybe you're right! Now I totally need to go fix some food!! I do good with rumbly tummies!!

muffins? she says? cursing the atlantic one more time.....?

which kind..banana, blueberry, apple cinnamon or right now zucchini are popular cause I have TONS of them in my garden!! I LOVE to bake and cook!! It's right after SEX on my favorite things to do list!! :D

banana please sierra. ahhh. you are a dream

it keeps missing the first letter off my posts! that should read 'banana'. naughty ep!

Banana on the way!! I have that happen with the letters sometimes too and I can mess up my own spelling just fine without the site messing up the words I do spell right!! :O

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