Patients Request

I had a patient come in today, he's 12, for a procedure. i have music playing as they drift off to sleep. He didn't think I would have his choice.

Our conversation went like this
Me: what kinda of music do you want during this?
Him: nothing all you have is old people music.
Me: try me, I'm not that old (I'm 36) .
Him: fine but you won't have it, but Flo Rida "Whistle "
Me : hang on let me get my iPhone :) guess who had his favorite song me!

On his way to recovery I got a high 5 and a your music ain't bad for an old lady... LOL

I'm now listen to this song, singing it as I update patient records .
Seaglassgirl76 Seaglassgirl76
36-40, F
Nov 28, 2012