My All-time Top 10

The following are songs I enjoy a lot and each has a special meaning to me. They're songs I both listen to a lot and mean something important to me, though they're not necessarily those I always listen to the most. The order can vary a lot and I feel like almost anything from Pink and more stuff from Dido and Thalia could have easily got on the list.



10. The Falling Kind - Veda

I listened to this song a lot the month before my high school graduation. It was a time when I was very desperate, thought I couldn't deal with what was coming. This song was how I felt about myself. The things which should have made me proud, made me feel powerless, sad, scared. This is the only song by this band that I listen to but I feel a lot in it and it is beautiful in its own way.



9. If You Were A Sailboat - Katie Melua

When I first got an album by Katie Melua, this song struck me the most. The lyrics are absolutely amazing and so full of love, the melody is beautiful and peaceful in a blessed way, and Katie's voice is soft. It was January 2008 and I was so impressed, I shared it with my boyfriend, for whom I felt about the same. He is a picky person, but he enjoyed it. We were having a good time and he was being so sweet. I have a really fond memory of that. So, beside being a beautiful song, it brings back sweet memories of my sweet guy too. I don't know if there's another love song which reminds me of him as much as this one.


8. Hands - Jewel

I found this song a short while before a very close friend had a huge fight with me. I would have trouble sleeping, feel very depressed and lonely, and this song kept ringing in my head. Now it's my alarm clock song on my cell phone and it's a wonderful way to start the day. I'm not religious, but the message, Jewel's soft, reassuring voice, and the balanced rhythm can really make me relax and feel better. It's a very pleasant song and the whole "I may not be a huge power in this world but I know what I can do and I choose not to let things get to me and to help instead" message really inspires me.


7. Fur Elise - Beethoven

I remember when I was a kid and liked music boxes a lot, they all played this. I found out which melody it was and it's always meant a sign of love in my eyes. Somehow, I associate it with romanticism, love, warmth, ... It's a very sensitive piece.


6. When We're Through - Pink

A lot of Pink songs could have been here ... This one expresses a lot of how I felt and feel sometimes, even though it's not my experience. It feels so personal to Pink and so sensitive - as do a lot of her songs. She has a wonderful voice and combines sensitive melancholy with rhythm intensity and explosiveness like no one else. This one song strikes a sensitive cord in me in a special, mysterious way.


5. 30 - my boyfriend

My boyfriend is stubborn enough to claim he's "not so good" and refuse to do much with his work so far, but he is, in my opinion, an excellent pianist with a personal style. I think this song is objectively his best. I recall him saying he was trying to explore some discordant places with it, things not always beautiful, but I find that very ironic because this is a most beautiful song. I am a language-oriented person (which is why I prefer songs that have lyrics, preferably good lyrics) but gosh, this piano-only song strikes me as incredibly touching! It's beautiful in a tragic way. I hope it ends up on a best-selling album someday. He and this song deserve this.


4. Es Tu Amor - Thalia

This is the only song on this list whose lyrics I don't fully know. There are many songs by Thalia that could have easily made it on my list because she was my first favorite singer ever. Her voice has so much strength and finesse at the same time - actually I find that a bit like Pink's many vocal nuances, but in a very different way. This is one of the songs on the first tape by her that I ever had, when I was 8. Back then it used to make me feel very melancholy and I preferred the more rhythmic ones, but now I like the lyrics and what they mean and the sensitive melody and I appreciate this song even more. It reminds me of my childhood.


3. White Flag - Dido

When I was 14 and I fell in love for the first time, the guy I loved once mentioned this song in passing as he was skimming the music charts in a magazine. By his tone I inferred he liked it, so I made it a point to listen to the song and I was very impressed. That is how I became such a long-term fan of Dido. This is not objectively my favorite-ever song by her, but it is the most significant to me. When I listen to it, it's like I'm living those times again, with good and bad. Dido's ever-calm, beautiful voice, the quality instrumental background, and about everything in this song is well-done in my opinion.


2. Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) - Queen

I'm a fan of Queen and this is my favorite-ever song by them. First, when I say Queen I say quality music. I recall listening to this song when I was in seventh grade. Every little thing about it impressed me. The melody, the lyrics, Freddie's warm and sensitive voice, the instruments, ... but most of all, I felt such a connection between the voice and instruments. This has never struck me about any song or band before. I know it was just my perception, but I felt like there must have been so much friendship and team spirit in the making of this song. I may be wrong but I don't care to know. Back then I had some issues with classmates at school and I would play this song in my head to make it better. It made me so happy. & of course, wonderful lyrics too and I'm a fan of the Japanese language.


1. A song my boyfriend made for me

It is named after me so I won't divulge the title, but it is a song he made for me as a gift for my 18th birthday. We were only friends then, but I was in love with him and he was my best friend. It meant a huge deal to me, especially because I used to be so scared of turning 18, thinking I couldn't deal with the changes, that I wasn't good enough, that I wouldn't be considered special to anyone anymore. I thought that was going to be my worst birthday ever but it was amazing - and the songs he made for me were a sweet, very cherished gift. The one I am referring to is very melodic, balanced, romantic. I play it when I feel sad or worried and it makes me feel loved. Due to both title and construction, I consider it somewhat similar to Fur Elise, and that's a plus, too. It's a very beautiful, warm, sensitive song, and it means more to me than any other song ever has.

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I love fur elise :)