A Thousand Dreams I still Believe.

 I would like to share my  top ten songs with you. These are the songs that I am emotionally attached to......Some of these songs I actually listen to everyday....I am obsessed with them.Yeah,those are my crazy moments when I just turn the volume on and let my emotions flow...and take me to places....I travel far in my mind without any  worries,I feel free,as if I am not my usual self. It is indeed my favorite time of the day...me and my songs.

I smile,I cry,I become emotional ...I become ME.

1. I want to spend my lifetime loving you  - Marc Anthony and Tina Arena ; this song is going to be in my heart forever.

2. My baby you Marc Anthony  ; very deep....I feel amazing everytime I listen to it ...it makes me cry.

3. My heart will go on Celine Dion ;an  eternal love song...I can listen to it for hours.

4.When I dream at night  -  Marc Anthony ; I love the lyrics it's about  longing and unfulfilled desires ...and of course it talks about dreaming of someone special.

5. I surrender   Celiene Dion

6.Every thing I do I do it for you - Brian Adams

7. Hello,is it me you are looking for? - Lionel Richie ; a true romantic number.

8.I need you,I love you -  Marc Anthony ; not my usual slow number....I feel cheerful while listening to this number .

9. It's hard to say goodbye - Celine Dion and Paul Anka ; the feelings I have associated with this song is beyond words.

10. Just walk away -of course by Celine Dion

Thank you.

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
6 Responses Feb 7, 2010

You are welcome,8FOOTDREAD.

lovely list - thanks for sharing

Hi Jadin, romance can never be dead....romance is the very essence of life.....romance is what that makes our lives worth living,although it is a risk from the very moment it overtakes you but the joy we discover when we surrender is worth losing everything we have.

Thank you michelle56 for the recomendation....I am going to listen to it RIGHT NOW. Yeah, I am crazy about love songs:)

Hi naranja, thanks for liking my choice of songs. Yes,my top ten would never be complete without "My heart will go on"...this song talks about love in such a way that it feels real ...no matter how many times I listen to this song I feel the same joy and the same pain that I felt 11 long years ago while listening to it for the very first time..... it's so close to my heart.

Nice preferences. I like Celine Dion too - in fact now you've got me wondering if maybe I should have put "My Heart Will Go On" in my own top ten. I suppose if I didn't think of it before it's for a reason but it's still one of my favorite songs ever. I like what you say about your favorite songs.