Some Great Songs From Aussie Artists


“According to you” Orianthi

“Beds are Burning” Midnight Oil

“From little things big things grow”  Jimmy Little

“God told me to” Paul Kelly

“Come Back Again”  Daddy Cool

“Bow River”  Cold Chisel

“You’re the voice”  John Farnham

“”Live it up” Mental as Anything

“Even the nights are better” Air Supply

“C C Rider” Billy Thorpe

Hey all you Aussies out there!  Please add more of your favourites. . .!!!

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5 Responses Feb 8, 2010

(i'm) Stranded - The Saints<br />
<br />
Anything by Nick Cave or his previous incarnation, the Birthday Party<br />
<br />
'Since I left You' - The Avalanches<br />
<br />
horrible girl, I love the Go-Betweens!<br />
<br />

Cool! Thanks for adding more. I like Nick Cave and the Whitlams - don't know Cattle and Cane . . must check them out.<br />
<br />
And I love Paul Kelly's stuff. Went to an Eric Bogle concert in the nineties and had a HUGE time!! He is SO funny. . !! "Weddings etc." - must go back and listen to some of their stuff again - thanks!!

you have some great ones!<br />
<br />
cattle and cane- the go betweens<br />
<br />
nick cave- the ship song<br />
<br />
blow up the pokies- the whitlams

Like most of Paul Kelly's stuff. Also a fan of Eric Bogle. Group wise, "Weddings, Parties,<br />

Yes, Kasey is a great artist - and she lives quite near me!!