Top Ten Songs

Okay, I'm only gonna list each band once, so my list won't be full of SOAD. In no particular order...

1. System of a Down - Soil

Well, this song is really heavy with a good but short solo. It's fantastic if you're feeling angry or you got lots of energy to rock out. The lyrics are pretty meaningful too, obviously about the suicide of a loved one. 

2. Dragonforce - Heartbreak Armageddon

Pretty chill song, with great solos, keyboard and guitar. Just a great musical piece.

3. Scars on Broadway - Enemy

A WTF!? intro, so good that it's just the best thing ever. It has a good meaning to it, being about how people don't wanna realize that they're killing the earth. That's how I see it anyways.

4. Metallica - Creeping Death

A rockin song. Fast throughout the whole thing.

5. Shadows Fall - A Fire in Babylon

For some reason, this song's melodies remind me of joy. Even though that is the exact opposite of what the screaming vocals are trying to say. Anyways, this one is most fantastic at the beginning and near the end.

6. The Sword - The Black River

This song has a great beat to it, plus good guitar pieces. Another rockin song.

7. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hmm... good melodies. A friend showed this song to me, so it reminds me of him.

8. Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone

A sad song, sounds sweet, and is awesome. The lyrics make me sad.

9. Bullet for my Valentine - Hit the Floor

There are some throat vocals that for some reason remind me of one of my old friends. I never see him anymore, but good times with him.

10. Disturbed - I'm Alive

I discovered this song while playing We ♥ Katamari... so it reminds me of that game. Good times :D And it also has some lyrical meaning too.

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Thanks man, if I didn't watch myself, I would have chosen all SOAD songs... XD

I like the metal sway to your list, I would choose a few system songs if I could choose twenty or thirty songs.