My Top 10

Hallelujah, the original by leonard cohen not the numerous covers, just because his voice and emotion in the song chills me to the bone. I won't send roses, because it sums me up in 4 words. Angels, robbie williams, just because its a fantastic song. Bam Bam, Blue gillespie, its this lyric, "too many sexy women in the world". Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders, I can dance the night away to this track. That's not my name, the ting tings, because i feel like that sometimes. metal guru, t-rex, another track to dance the night away, Who wants to live forever? Queen, the lyrics mean so much to me especially as freddie mercury was dying when he wrote the song. under pressure, david bowie, don't have a reason, just love the song. the chain, fleetwood mac, F1 theme on the bbc, makes me think of my dad as he loved F1 and this song.

CarrieKrazy CarrieKrazy
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

BIG thumbs up to Queen "Who wants to live forever" Thanks for reminding me of it!!