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shenanigans - antics, capers, dirty trick, fooling around,frolicsomeness, funny business, gag, hanky-panky, high jinks, horseplay, horsing around,misbehavior, mischievousness, monkey business,naughtiness, nonsense, prank, trouble, vandalism

thatguy1970 thatguy1970 41-45, M 5 Responses May 8, 2012

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SHENANIGANS!! Cool, it even works well with typin it all in caps!! Gotta love a word that wears caps well!! :D


It's flavour just sings fun, fun, fun...

Shenanigans are for Friday afternoons after work. To wind down a week that has finally ended...TGIF!

It lilts and dances!

Thank you for your shenanigans, Guy!

I like to say the word. Try it out loud.... "Shenanigans". Isn't it fun? And, you are welcome. :)

Yes. It is...LOL!

That's a tough word I guess....I can play mischievious ones anytime :)

I believe you, Papri. I sense a mischievous streak underneath that polished and polite exterior! :)

haha....oh my!
got caught :P

lol. Yep.

@Stella .. I've read your stories and I know how much fun you have at work! Shenanigans can be fun and playful, or cruel and tragic. I prefer the former. :)

We try to stick with fun and playful...capers if you will :)

Capers. Ah. Where no one gets hurt and, if they do get hurt, you pick 'em up and dust 'em off. Got it. :)

It's a good word. I'm prone to having shenanigans at work, keeps things interesting.