Romans 5:4-5

Paul is talking to the other disciples about having Faith in GOD and what it means to own this Faith. Faith [which includes trust,] is the Hope we have in entering into the Kingdom of GOD.

What Paul says in the following two scriptures is vital to Spiritual Health and should be thought about daily.

Romans 5:4-5 [4] endurance brings GOD’S approval, and His approval creates hope. [5] This hope does not disappoint us, for GOD has poured out His love into our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, who is GOD’S gift to us.

Our hope lies in our faith in GOD, not only for entering in the Kingdom but to also get through whatever persecution enters our life. Whatever we endure, GOD doubles the strength within, which makes our faith and hope deepen and strengthen within.
shai shai
Jul 20, 2010