GOD promises to take care of us if we have “Faith” in Him.

To have faith in someone says we believe and trust in them without doubt. Abraham showed this faith in GOD, as well as many others, and it’s proven that GOD took care of them.

Faith is what we are tested on constantly, and I’m going through a test now.

Where I live there is a shortage of housing for the population. Our landlords can evict people for the purpose of renovating the residence. I have been looking for a place to live since March. Places here have a 5-7 year waiting list. I have 7 days to go before I must leave my home of 6 years, and I have no where to go. When you have had no one in your life that you could trust, this test is very huge for me.

I went through all the emotions of fear of being homeless and losing what little I do own, to find the following scriptures which have given me strength to get through this test, including a message I received from GOD when I was once very sick.

GOD taught me Don’t doubt and you wont get hurt. He told me this when I was internally bleeding and thought I may have had cancer.

Jesus taught the disciples that being afraid shows we have little faith. [Matthew 8:26] He also taught them that pagans worry [Matthew 6:24-34]

My test is not over yet, and I know that by next Saturday I will have a place to live and will be moving.

I pray that when you are tested on your faith, that you remember the teachings and the message that GOD has given me.
shai shai
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

I have a lot of faith, however the world sometimes can make me feel disconnected,,,,but I have my own test that I am going though,,,and its about keeping or getting rid of my husband of 7 years,,,,God has never lied to me,,,but man does all the time,,,,and I have been under a lot of stress lately,,,,which messes with my mind,,,so I have desided that if he can not control his angry than he has to go,,,,I could let him go for so many other reasons,,,but the fighting around the kids and my mom will stop,,,because God Loves Me (Mary),,,and Gary is not a good reflection of God,,,,plus Gary don't believe me anyway,,,so why should I be married to him,,,And being married to someone who does not believe in you makes it very hard for me to believe that he is anything I want in my life right now,,,,so that is my test I am going though,,,and I know that God can help us work it out,,,but Gary is going to have to change,,,and if he can not,,,its over with us,,,and he needs to move on,,,,well I have faith that every thing will work out for you,,,Love and Light Mary