What Is God's Grace

What is GOD’S GRACE?

People believe that GOD’S Grace is undeserved kindness and mercy. However if you study the scriptures you will learn that GOD’S Grace is His love.

If GOD wanted us to believe that His love, kindness and mercy were undeserved, why would He send His Son to die so forgiveness would be available to us until the end of time. What Father do you know, that would do this for people who were undeserving, to watch His Son be tortured, then crucified.

GOD has more faith in us, than we do in Him. He knows who is deserving and who is not. He knows and acknowledges those of us who work diligently every day to receive His Grace. Like GOD told Abraham regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, when Abraham asked Him about if there were 4 or 5 or only 1 who was innocent, would they be saved, and GOD said, yes, they would be saved. Why, because they were deserving of His Grace [love]. Why is this world called earth, still in existence? Because through GOD’S Grace, the handful of people here who do work diligently

Walk in confidence everyday, knowing that you deserve GOD’S Grace, and through this Grace, GOD makes Himself approachable. Each and every believer of GOD and Christ is deserving of GOD’S Grace.

shai shai
Jul 25, 2010