The Bible

The Bible
One evening I was sitting at my desk and just finished reading the scriptures for that night. As I as closing the bible, GOD said, the only truth in the bible are the teachings. [meaning His teachings, that Christ also taught] He said all the rest is just people’s opinion. I shoved the bible away and said, well if that’s the case I don’t want to read it anymore. I went on to play some games. The next morning, the Angel Faith said, “but you can’t forget the little things”. [She meant ‘the other peoples opinions” in the bible.], “If you can’t take care of the little things, how can you take care of the bigger ones. “

I knew that there were some “untruths” in the bible, [Jeremiah 8:8] but I did not know the extent of the untruths until I began to read with a new set of eyes, and greater understanding that GOD provided me.

But having shared the above, I also have to say this. The Bible is the only book of life’s instructions that have been published that shows the way of life that is pleasing to GOD, and the way of life that is not. The bible teaches us to discern who is a friend or foe, what GOD’S Will is for all of us, how we can stay close to GOD and Christ throughout our life, and what true love is. It teaches us to see the good in everyone, and stay away from all that is evil. The bible is complete, showing us a life without GOD and a life with GOD.

When you open the book to read, ask GOD for HIS understanding of what the scriptures mean, do not rely upon man’s interpretation, and a new world will open for you right before your eyes.

Seek to understand and swim through the double and triple meaning words, the metaphors and parables that have been written, hiding GOD’S understanding, but remember that truth does not only set you free, but there will be times it can stumble you. In these times, remember to breathe, and ask GOD for clarification then be patient and wait for it. Once you receive understanding you will see that there are a lot of circumstances in the bible that have been done in the name of GOD but GOD had nothing to do with it. You will learn that GOD is pure love, compassion, and has pity for us who live on earth.

People believe that the bible is outdated and does not apply to this era, but how wrong they are. People’s issues have not changed, nor evolved into something greater, they have remained the same since the beginning of time.
Give yourself the greatest opportunity of getting to know one of the GREAT Leaders of our Time, GOD.. Give GOD the opportunity to teach you what HE wants from you, showing you HIS generosity, love and kindness.

GOD Bless!

shai shai
Jun 19, 2011