Romans 10:10, 1corinthians 2:5

Romans 10:10  For it is by our faith that we are put right with GOD.

In essence Paul is correct it is by our faith.  However, how can one have faith if they don’t know GOD on a personal level.   A relationship with GOD needs to be established to know HIM allowing HIM to show you without doubt that HE is full of love and truth and wants only the highest of good for you.   This way you are learning to trust  HIM and what HE says, building your faith and a solid foundation.

Yes, people can have faith what they read or what they have been told, but you have to trust what you read, and the person who is telling you and why put your trust in a human being who can fall when you can place your trust in GOD, a Spiritual Being who is perfect and will never fall.   

1Corinthians 2:5  Your faith, does not rest on human wisdom but on GOD’S power.


shai shai
Feb 28, 2010