Keys For Ascension, Awakening, Enlightenment And Wisdom

Healing for Ascension

Awakening, Enlightenment and Wisdom

Below you will find 7 Keys that are needed for the Awakening, Enlightenment and Wisdom in the journey of self discovery.  No one key is more important than the other; however, all 7 keys must be gifted through the journey.

All keys are in harmony with each other and are essential in walking in love.

There is a last key to be gifted from GOD once we step into life as GOD describes it, we are given the “key of knowing”.  

In numerology we can look at the keys another way.

7+1=8 which means:   We are searching to be one and prosper in the knowing.

You may be wondering where I got the 7 keys since there are what appears to be 14 teachings.  Each key has their twin which is in harmony of the primary teaching, so it’s considered as one teaching.  

The number 14 reduced = 5 [4+1]  which means:  We are one solid in the teachings which produce change in the human.

Arch Angel Michael

 The lessons are in gaining and strengthening the backbone to stand tall, holding the sword of truth.  Through these lessons we build a strong foundation, becoming resilient, enduring whatever is before us, removing the fear.

Arch Angel Faith - Faith stand with Michael

 Faith’s lessons are from self-worth.  She teaches us to believe in who we are

and in our potential as GOD’S children.

Faith is the key to success, and success is unlimited.

Arch Angel Raphael

 Through the lessons and teachings of sickness within the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, Raphael reveals to us how to heal by showing us our past and present situations, through self examinations, honesty, integrity, acceptance of the truth, and the willingness to be healed.

Arch Angel Mary - Mother of Christ - Mary stands with Raphael

 Through the teachings and lessons of separation and in harmony with Raphael, Mary teaches us to resolve the separation, gaining Oneness with GOD.  We must give all to GOD, holding nothing back.  When we can do this, we feel “ALL’ within and without, unconditional love and compassion as only a Mother in perfection can teach her children.

Arch Angel Uriel

 Through the lessons and teachings of illusion, Uriel brings to us the reality and truth through the tree of life.  He assists us through the differences of what is, and what is old indoctrinations that bind us from accepting absolute truths.  Through the acceptance of absolute truths, we become and live in the I AM


Arch Angel Aurora - Aurora stands with Uriel

 Through the teachings and lessons of disloyalty, lack of commitment, and

dishonor Aurora brings within our heart the teachings and associations in the I Am consciousness, thereby helping us realize that we are here to be devoted, committed, loyal and honoring the LORD ALMIGHTY.

Arch Angel Gabriel

 Through the lessons and teachings from dysfunction, Gabriel journeys with us, within to begin the healings of past wounds through discipline which also reveals our life plan and purpose and dissolves discouragement, and releases joy and fulfillment.

Arch Angel Hope - Hope stands with Gabriel

 Through the teachings and lessons of despair and working in harmony with Gabriel, Hope brings purity and light, instilling hope and enthusiasm assisting the Christ self to fulfill the divine plan.

Hope is the key to dreams and dreams are unlimited.  

Arch Angel Jophiel

 Through the teachings and lessons of ignorance, pride, narrow mindedness we find the power of light [“wisdom ,knowledge”], which leads to all that belongs to GOD.  Jophiel stirs the feelings within each of us in search of the healing of these earthly bindings becoming free within the knowledge of truth.

Arc Angel Christine -  stands with Jophiel

 Through the wisdom and knowledge that Christine gives to those who seek, we learn balance as Christine is forever constant, never changing and through her example we become the same, steadfast in Truth.

Arc Angel Chamuel

 Through the teachings and lessons in hate, in all forms Chamuel transmutes this emotion to love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity and gratitude.  Having reverence and adoration with the LORD ALMIGHTY.

Arc Angel Charity - stands with Chamuel

 Charity in harmony with Chamuel teachings, teaches us how to give freely to all who seek living in the knowledge of truth.

Arch Angel Zadkiel

 Through the teachings and lesson in judgment, unworthiness, hurt, anger, and hatred, Zadkiel teaches us to let this go through forgiveness and compassion

Arch Angel Holy Amethyst - stands with Zadkiel

 When we have accomplished the above lessons, applied the teachings to our life, we are blessed by Holy Amethyst, as she frees us from all that binds us within the earthly realms.  We no longer live restrictedly, we stand in our truth prepared for what is before us, giving glove and compassion to those who seek.


Through the teachings and lessons we receive through the Ancient 7, we receive the last gift.  The Key of knowing, knowing is GOD’S gift of protection to all those who choose to love Him and be tested by Him.


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