Straightforwardness And Self Possession

Straightforwardness and self-possession

 We should always be aware of how we are acting, and never say to much, or to little.  Never be quick to give up something you know is good, for something you are not sure of.

 Ecclesiasticus 6:10-15 and 6:1-4

10 Be steady in your convictions, and be a person of your word.
11 Be quick to listen, and deliberate in giving an answer.
12 If you understand the matter, give your neighbour an answer,
if now, keep your hand over your mouth.
13 Both honour and disgrace come from talking; the tongue is its owner’s downfall.
14 Do not get a name for scandal-mongering; do not set traps with your tongue; for as shame lies in store for the thief, so harsh condemnation awaits the deceitful.
15 Avoid offense in great as in small matters, and not exchange friendship for enmity.
6:1 for a bad name will earn you shame and reproach,
as happens to the double-talking sinner. 
2 Do not get carried aloft on the wings of passion,for fear your strength tear itself apart like a bull,
3 and you devour your own foliage and destroy your own fruitand end up by making yourself  like a piece of dried –up wood.
4 An evil temper destroys the person who has it, and makes him the laughing-stock of his enemies.


Most High  we recognize and are thankful for the wisdom shared in guiding us to maintain an impeccable reputation with our friends and neighbours, and others we meet. 

shai shai
Nov 13, 2009