Relationships With People

Relationships with People


If we are to follow the teachings of the LORD Almighty, then it is as important that we choose who we want to bring close in our circle.

It is just as important to pace ourselves, in all we do in life so nothing is overlooked, and never take on more than we can handle as it will throw us off balance and possible cause us to leave our fellowship with the Most High.

 Ecclesiasticus 9:10-18

10 Do not desert an old friend; the new one will not be his match.
New friend, new wine; when it grows old, you drink it with pleasure.
11 Do not envy the sinner his success; you do not know how that will end.
12 do not take pleasure in what pleases the godless; remember they will not go unpunished here below.
13 Keep your distance from the man who has the power to put to death, and you will not be haunted by fear of dying.  If you approach
him, make no false move, or he may take your life.  

[they are speaking of Spiritual death, and Spiritual life.  We know the human dies anyway, so that is not of importance]

14 Cultivate your neighbours to the best of your ability, and consul the wise.
15 For conversation seek the intelligent, let all your discussion bear on the law of the Most High.
16 have the upright for your table companions, and let your pride be in fearing [respecting] the LORD.
17 Work from skilled hands will earn it’s praise, but a leader of the people must be skilful in words.
18 A chatterbox is a terror to his town a loose talker is detested.

Deliberation and reflection

Ecclesiasticus 11:7-11

7 do not find fault before making thorough enquiry; first reflect, then give a reprimand.
8 Listen before you answer, and do not interrupt a speech before it is finished.
9 Do not wrangle about something that does not concern you, do not interfere in the quarrels of sinners.
10 My Child, do not take on a great amount of business; if you multiply your interests, you are bound to suffer for it; hurry as fast as you can, yet you will never arrive, nor will you escape by running away.

11 Some people work very hard at top speed, only to find themselves falling further behind.


Most High we thank you for your generosity in wisdom, without it, we would be unknowing.  Confidence in your Wisdom proves to be worth more than what the world can offer.

shai shai
Nov 14, 2009