Freedom Of Choice

Freedom of Choice


The LORD Almighty is a huge proponent of choice [free will].  He gave it to Adam and Eve and through lack of trust and human desires they chose to disobey.   Choice is a very powerful word, giving no leniency to any other meaning but what it means, “to choose”.     We can choose to obey the commandments and The Most High’s Laws, or not. 

It really is that simple.


I really didn’t learn how powerful the word “choice “was until I started posting scriptures here on EP.  Non Believers, “chose” to want to argue or debate, which is fruitless, because there is no argument or debate over “choice”.   Choice is what it is, nothing more, nothing less.   I cannot take away anyone’s choice or force anyone to choose.  Choice is a freedom which has been given to us by GOD.   It’s why HE gives us guidance, so we can make wise choices.


Below are some Scriptures regarding choice.


Ecclesiasticus 15: 11:20

11 do not say, The LORD was responsible for my sinning, [choices] for HE does not do what He hates
12 Do not say, It was HE who led me astray, for HE has no use for a sinner
13 The LORD hates all that is foul, and no one who fears [respects] Him will love it either. 
14 He Himself made human beings in the beginning, and left them
free to make their own decisions.
15 If you choose, you will keep the commandments and so be faithful
to His will.

16 He has set fire and water before you; put out your hand to whichever you prefer.
17 A human being has life and death before them; which he prefers
will be given him.

[the above Scripture is speaking about Spiritual life and death.  Human being was given to human beings as a consequence of their choice to disobey, in Genesis 3]

18 For vast is the wisdom of the LORD; He is Almighty and all-seeing.
19 His eyes are on those who fear Him, He notes every human action.
20 He never commanded anyone to be godless, He has given no one 
permission to sin.



Thank you Most High, for freeing us, so we have the choice to obey and the choice not to.


shai shai
1 Response Nov 15, 2009

Of course I have the choice to decide what I choose to decide. But I do like that you do not choose to change anyone elses choice to choose.