Every Book Has A Theme And The Bible Is No Different

Every book has a theme and the bible is no different.

The Most High GOD is seeking to dwell with His people.
 A people who seeks to learn, to be loved, nurtured
and protected, by Him. 

People have the wrong misconception about Him,
what type of Supreme Being He is.   People read the
bible and the learn about the  wars HE didn’t create,
environmental changes HE had nothing to do with.
HE is blamed for everything bad, and gets no glory for anything good. 

What people don’t see in the bible is that the people themselves created
all that went wrong.  They punished themselves.    The Most High gave
free will,and said, if I am to be with you, to protect you, you must follow
these commandments and laws.    [All parents have boundaries]

When the people did well, The Most High was with them, and when they didn’t do well, HE stepped back and didn’t provide that protection, love and nurturing.  He let them do whatever they wanted to do.   But whenever, the people cried out for help, The Most High never said no, He again implemented the same laws and commandments. 

The Most High GOD is still seeking His people, a people who use their free will to learn, to be loved, nurtured and protected by Him.    The Most High is rebuilding His Nation of people, calling individuals and when they respond, He heals their minds and hearts of the past, strengthens them by allowing them to know who HE is by establishing a relationship with them through His love, patience and persistence.

His Nation will come from Judaism, Messianic Jews, Muslims, and Christians and soon His nation will stand and walk the One Road,
Be of one heart and mind, sing one song, and pray one prayer.



shai shai
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Powerful, and oh so true.