The people civilized countries call insane are the same humans that indigenous cultures know are closer to God/dess. This concept is universal among indigenous cultures.

  I was first aware of this when I took a class in Anthropology in the 60’s. I have come across this many times and I think I have an answer other then level of education and science as first considered. India has a high level of education and acceptance of science with the upper class. Yet, India has these holy men who look nothing like the Methodist minister I knew in Kansas. 

  It is in the western world that the “insane” are considered a burden by most.   Here is the essential difference. Indigenous cultures embrace nature/Earth based religions. Mother Earth is present is in most Earth based religions, naturally.

  Western civilized peoples worship a remote God in heaven. Well mannered Priest, Preachers, and Rabbi’s conduct services for well mannered followers.    This system born out of the Middle East’s unchanging male chauvinistic societies of 2,000 years ago …OK, you can see were this is going. Let us reboot and focus on the “insane” 

  Central to the believes of western civilized peoples is the believe that if you think God is talking to you, then you might be insane. Central to the believes of Indigenous cultures is the believe that those who are different might be able to communicate with the God/dess. The difference is acceptance.   

  A shaman is honored, respected and accepted in Indigenous cultures. With acceptance and love a shaman has a chance of survival and may swim on the waters that the insane drown in…DD     

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odballamericanman, this not a formal debate. Most people know full well who I am talking about when I write..."Western civilized peoples". Civilize is defined as..."to rise out of a savage state ; esp.: to bring to an advanced and ordered stage of cultural development."- in my dictionary.<br />
<br />
This is a common word understood by most who will read this post. You are using paralogism tactics and are being pompous to boot...DD

your "comment" was far more then I had hoped for and I am very glad that you have taken the time to let me know that I am not alone. One could get that feeling while living way out here in NM!...DD

Nicely put! And what is insane, anyway? Insane could be described as working for 50 years in a job you hate before being handed a clock, told to **** off and eventually drop dead on the golf course! And didn't George W. Bush 'speak to God' when deciding what to do about Iraq? Does this make him insane? Wait, sorry, bad example, lol!<br />
I think we have a hell of a lot to learn from indigenous beliefs - they are generally far more in tune with nature - something which is vital in this age of global warming and environmental concerns. Not sure about other organised religions, but i know that Christianity doesn't seem at all concerned about this & it never has, right from day one. Christians believe that we were put on this Earth and every animal, plant and mineral was given to us by God to use and harness - it was our job to rule over all other species and consume all the fruits of the Earth. I think this is fundamentally wrong; our job as humans, as the most sophisticated of the animals is to preserve the Earth and all it's inhabitants; to use, but not abuse. The indigenous tribes understand this far better than us in the western world; they consume but do not waste and ensure stocks are high for future generations - they also use every last bit of an animal when they slaughter it. We have a lot to learn from these so-called 'insane people'.