Two Much Excitement


This past Valentines weekend (The Roman’s Lupercalia) my wife and I decided that I was healthy enough and she had no clients about to birth so we could go someplace and just be together.

 We found a great B&B that had a large room with a hot tub that would be perfect. It is in Albuquerque and fairly close to were we live.   We got their on Friday the 13th and spent the entire Evening playing around in the Hot tub. Hot tubs are perfect for me. Especially, one that is private.  

We woke up and enjoyed nice eggs Benedict. Our hostess and other guests had breakfast with us. That’s one of the nicest things about a B&B the informal meeting with the other guest. The other couple had a son who was competing in the National Fencing championships. There son was listed at 12th nation wide and was hoping to get lucky and move up on the rankings. We told them our oldest son was competing in the 48 hour endurance bike race in Oklahoma. There were 3,000+ riders and most here hoping to survive without serious injury or damage to their bikes. Are other son was in Durango, Colorado mountain biking. 

  Our spending the day reading and relaxing with the hot tub might not sound like much to others but I have had all the adventure in life that I wanted and now am content to cuddle and slowly make love to the same woman of 25 yrs. 

  We went back home Sunday the 15th and I came down with pneumonia and a high fever. We went to the ER and they put me in Intensive Cardiac care because my ECG was abnormal and my blood pressure was very high. too much excitement is my guess…DD     

Dewduster Dewduster
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