My Wife the Midwife


My wife to be had signed up to take my class on Embracing the Night Mare. She missed the first class but called to let me know that she had a client in labor and wanted to know if I could meet her for coffee, her treat, and go over the highlights of the first class. 

  I knew liked her and arranged to meet with her at a near by coffee house. We went over my notes and then I asked her how the delivery went.   Everything about her changed as she talked about the woman in labor. She wasn’t just a midwife, she was midwife. She loved what she was doing. She made her story the greatest story I had ever heard by the intensity of expression in her body language. Her eyes glisten with excitement. Her voice expressed love for the mother and child as she told me how she gently messaged the baby’s shoulder because the shoulder was stuck and could not pass through. She told me how it was common practice in the hospital to break the shoulder so it would move through the opening. Time was not so urgent with her and she was able to ease the new born baby into the world.   I fell in love her before her story was fully told.

Only problem was she let me know that she was a lesbian and had no desire to date men. I told her I understood as I also had no desire to date men.

We did enjoy each others company and we agreed we could be friends.   This was good because we in fact became good friends and did things together because we enjoyed each others company.

Then she changed the rules on me. I was very careful to not make any attempt to pressure her for sex and she relaxed her defense.   She invited me over one nice evening and I learned later she had plans to seduce me. I knew from talks with her and some of her friends that they didn’t care for men’s lack of meaningful foreplay. I was truly surprised when she started ripping my shirt and tugging my jeans off. Later we went back to “foreplay”. 

  I learned that she had left home  at 17 and went to South Africa with a foreign exchange student who was at her High School. They took the long way around to get to this girls home. Went to London were this girl had friends. Then up to Germany and across the “Iron Curtin” into Communist Poland because she is Polish with a last name that her own family argues the correct pronunciation before it was cut in half.

They easily made friends and stayed in cities throughout western Europa.   They arrived at her friend’s home in South Africa a year later. They swam in the Ocean off South Africa all summer and never got to see a White Shark.  

When my wife to be came back to her home in Kentucky she felt restless and surprised ever one by taking off on her own and hitchhiking across the US to San Fresco. No problems. Truck drivers were happy to have her company and expected nothing in return. 

  I am blown away by her story. I had a successful business teaching Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense. Now I was in love with a woman who never carried a knife or took a class in self-defense. She could teach me any day. Except that I am not smart enough to understand how she works her Magick. She has a Blue Bubble that protects her and gently encourages everyone around her to think non-violent thoughts.

Some how she attracted me and truly tamed me. It will never happen that I will ever have the slightest impulse to harm her in anyway. I am very afraid of what I would do to my self if I ever hurt her. 

  The thing I first noticed about my self when we first started our love together was how much better I liked my self whenever I even thought about her.  

She brings out the best in me, she is midwife, she is Wiccan and she is my wife…DD    

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
3 Responses Mar 18, 2009

this is an amazing story. she sounds remarkable

We do...She came home at 3am after a long birth and I gave her a back rub. There is not a lot of wild passion in our "golden years" but a good back rub and going to sleep as we snuggle is perfect for now…DD

What an awesome story, DD! She sounds like such a remarkable woman! I hope you continue to enjoy your lives together! All the best!