The Virgin Hypatia Was Skinned Alive


    Hypatia is considered by Historians as the most brilliant philosopher, astronomer and mathematician at the library of Alexandria. She was elected the caretaker for the Library of Alexandria by the city counsel. A role that set the stage for possibly the most terrible event in human history.  

 The Library of Alexandria was one of a kind. Virtually all of the accumulative knowledge of the leading minds to that day were kept on record in that one library. 

  Hypatia was a Priestess in the Hellenic tradition of the Greece Gods and Goddess. She was said to be a classic beauty with striking features. She also discouraged all suitors and remained a virgin.  

She was also popular with both the upper-class and general class of the people of Alexandria. For these reasons she was seen as the main obstacle for the influence of the rising new religion Christianity. The Bishop Cyril wanted her removed. 

  From HYPATIA of Alexandria by Maria Dzielska (translated by F. Lyra) pg.93   “Led by Peter, a (Christian) mob executed the deed on a day in March…during Lent. Hypatia was returning home, from her customary ride in the city. She was pulled out of her chariot and dragged to the church Caesarion…There they tore off her clothes and killed her with ‘broken bits of pottery (skinned her alive)…” note: ( words are mine inserts). The book explains the words in I have inserted in other paragraphs.  

As terrible as this brutal act was for Hypatia it is worse for the Human race. After the assignation of Hypatia a riot ensued and fighting between Christians and pagans led to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.   The major part of all knowledge up to that time in history was distoryed. No record or copies existed any were else in the world.  

Worse, there followed under Christian rule the Dark Ages of a thousand years.    After the assassination of Hypatia and the burning of her Library of Alexandria, scientific progress came to a virtual stop. 

  However population growth continued on. Imagine if we had the luxury of knowledge that we have now a thousand years ago. Without population pressures and diminishing resources we would possibility of landed on the moon and enjoyed the advantages of our modern inventions nearly 6-7 hundred years ago.  

We have had to make up for a treasure house of lost knowledge and over come a thousand year stagnation. Any thing would have been possible today if we had not been so handicapped.  

Instead we have a six billion plus population struggling for the limited resources and wealth of today.

The tension is at a all time high and there is serious concern that we do not have the knowledge necessary to cope with our evident problems of overpopulation, toxic pollution, and Global Warming.

Time is running out and we have a thousand year deficit to add to our problems thanks to the murder of the Priestess Hypatia and the burning of her library.         

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

&%@#&$?^*#--> PSYCHOLINGUISTIC PROPAGANDA BY CHRISTIAN WRITTERS! Thats "who said we were on a "dark path" in the first place" when we worshiped the Goddess. Everthing waqs turned upside down!...DD

what I meant to say is that if we did have that knowledge, it could have led us down a darker path was just a thought :-)<br />
We have so much knowledge now that we don't use...

I can't see as how this act of evil has brought us more time. ??? We need that time. We might have the knowdege to cope with todays problems. I am not so sure we can make it.<br />
You know, not all births go as hoped for...DD

great post, dew. I knew about the library, but not about the tortured lady...<br />
maybe it just bought us more time, is all.