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While reading realwoman’s story “I Have Endometriosis” I happen to look at the logo for this group. It is a textbook picture of the uterus and fallopian tubes.   Forget that it is a female body part.  

 If we made a clay, silver or even plastic model of the main reproductive parts, uterus and fallopian tubes, we would have a beautiful drinking cup.   

The stories of the powers of the Holy Grail emphasize the ability to renew life. Is not this the function of a woman’s reproductive parts?    

  I am not the first person to under stand this. Midwives told me this story a long time ago.  

 There is one more thing. This might be mine. If you look closely at the bottom part of the Mmmm reproductive part. You will notice that it is indeed holy  …DD

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“Close the two to make them into triangles, put one on top of the other and you have the star of David - could this really be accidental?” -kazwaz1977. (The site that that may be of interest to you if you are interested in the six pointed star is… <br />
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– The early Christians are notorious for the plagiarism from pagan religions and putting there corrupted twist on what was a sacred pagan believe. (The day of the Sun becomes the Sabbath?) Another interesting twist of the idea of the six pointed star is the Etymology understanding that six and sex have the same root. Understand that to have sex is the union of essential male and female principles and IS carnal knowledge. Profound knowledge. Know that for a male to have profound knowledge of all three major aspects of the original Holy Trinity Goddess aspects as maiden, mother and crone, then that male could be represented as 666. Note; I only have one “6” but my six is the hardest one to get. LMAO.<br />
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“…the Cathars believed that all creation, the world, the universe were intrinsically evil.” - kazwaz1977 – OMGodess. As I lived and breathed in Nature along the Arkansas and am know a pagan in the true sense of the world the concept of” intrinsically evil” is alien to me. There is NOTHING evil in nature. NOTHING. The concept of evil lives only in the mind of those who walk on cement. Those who have never heard the sound of natures silence.

You should read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, or The Girl with the Alabaster Jar - these books reflect your theory, as does The Da Vinci Code (just don't go confusing 'fact' with fiction - this is a novel, not a history book, but then again, so is the Bible!)<br />
The chalice - / is indeed the symbol of femininity, the grail or the womb. The blade - / is a male symbol, the sword or erect phallus. Close the two to make them into triangles, put one on top of the other and you have the star of David - could this really be accidental? I'm not sure...Perhaps male and female were originally meant to have equal standing in Judaism? It's an interesting theory!<br />
The grail is a fascinating subject - whether you believe it was either the cup of Christ used at the last supper, or the dish upon which the Pascal lamb was served, or even the womb of Mary Magdalene, it's still a fascinating and controversial story which is debated as hotly as it was when the original French troubadours and romantic poets originally put forth the story.<br />
I'm personally more inclined to believe the Magdalene theory, but that's because i have a keen interest in the Cathars, and this was their theory also. I recommend you read up on them, if you haven't already; they were fascinating, until they were nothing short of 'exterminated' on the orders Pope Innocent III - 15,000 men , women and children were slaughtered, many of them within the walls of the church itself. It is reported that when the Pope's representative asked how they were to distinguish between true believers and 'heretics', the Pope replied "Kill them all, God will know his own". This, though widely quoted as true, could just as easily be apocryphal, but it's certainly not out of the realms of possibility, considering the brutal nature of many Popes and the crusades which they ordered. It is often cited as the first true case of genocide to happen in modern Europe, and it happened on Friday the 13th - could this be one reason why the day is considered so unlucky?<br />
the Cathars had many 'heretical' beliefs - they recognised the sacred feminine and as such had teachers of the faith, known as 'parfaits' (perfected ones) of both sexes, male AND female. They believed that 'gnosis' or knowledge was the cornerstone of their faith, as opposed to the 'faith' principle of the orthodox Catholic church. They also believed in duality on a far bigger scale than The church; where the church believed in one supreme God and the adversary, or Satan who represented evil, but was ultimately inferior to God himself. The Cathars believed the picture was far bigger and rather than the two sides of good and evil, they believed there was a 'good' God;a being of pure spirit,untainted by the filth of matter - He was the God of love, but love and power are not compatible, and material creation was a manifestation of power, not love. Therefore the Cathars believed that all creation, the world, the universe were intrinsically evil. Basically,all the universe was the work of evil, made by a 'usurper God', the God of evil, or 'Rex Mundi ' King of this World.<br />
They believed that Jesus was never crucified - as, if he was indeed the son of God (the good one), he would be pure spirit, not flesh, so as such could not be crucified. The heresies go on and on (as perceived from a Catholic point of view), there is far, far more detail to it, but it was these things, among others which saw to it that they were massacred in their thousands. It's a fascinating subject; very heavy, but well worth studying - particularly if you have an interest in the Grail (i won't spoil that bit for you - look it up and see for yourself!)<br />
Sorry for waffling on, but this is a captivating subject; every new theory just adds a new and interesting dimension to something which is, in all likelyhood just allegorical rather than factual, yet it is an allegory which is still fiercely debated to this day among the world's greatest scholars - surely that must count for something. I'm not even sure if the truth matters anymore; the ideas it inspires are so great.

True enough!

Awwww DD, I pray that my Holy Grail is restored someday. Thank you for this story.