The Triple Goddess


We can see that the sixes are grouped as threes. (John Ayo-Dictionary of Word Origins…trinity from Latin trinias “group o three”) and they are indeed the number 6 which is also ((John Ayo-Dictionary of Word Origins)…six [OE]Indo-European ancestor of six was *sexs, which also produced Latin sexSix an sex come from the same root origin. Why and how can that be?  

The triangle gives us our answer. Read The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred objects…pg.35 Double Triangle: Creation…The double triangle symbolized creation in the Tantric tradition…the essential conjunction of male and female principles.   Creation is the conjunction of the male and female symbolized by the triangle intersection. The six pointed star. Six comes from the counting of the stars points.   The union of essential male and female principles IS carnal knowledge. Profound knowledge.  

What was the original trinity?The Triple Goddess: the Original Holy Trinity (   To know, to have PROFOUND knowledge, of each aspect of the ONE Goddess in Her trinity  is represented by the number six (6). Six (6) for each aspect of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. 666. Now you know. 

Comes now the Mother of light and the word… “Mutspel”.    

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Thanks for discussing the real meaning behind 666, I love how many things christians stole from the pagans over the centuries and claimed as there own. The list is quite large.

c8lorraine – Yes, the pope’s hat is exactly like the head of a penis. makes him a **** head.<br />
…“revelations.......we shall know the anti-christ by the number 666”. Confirms the believe that the Wiccan who “carries the flame” of the Holy Goddess is to be feared because the sacerd religion revival of the Mother Goddess is the true fear behind the christian led Inquisitions, one that spread beyond the confines of their own people. Darn, I only have one “6”. Were is this guy?<br />
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<br />
TheRealWoman “…trying to explain…” is hard of because of ~ 2,000 years of psycholinguistic bending, twisting of the sacred meaning of our basic words. Witches were feared during much of the Inquisitions and now Witches are ridiculed as loons.<br />
<br />
A clear example that women in general are included in the suppression of the sacred Goddess and Her Wiccan is the psycholinguistic damage done to women’s once holy <br />
titles. I love Etymology because we can find the meaning of a word before the christian<br />
propaganda began. For anyone who doesn’t already know, look up the original definition of the most degrading insults against women and you will find that most were sacred words. ***** is my personal favorite. ( see “I am Wiccan” <a href="" target="ep_blank"></a> ) <br />
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Thank you for your support it has been hard for me to stand up to the christian mass appeal to the normals all of my life. I wish I had found some like you before. However, I am stronger for it.

I've been trying to explain this to people for years....and that may explain the demonisation of independent woman as well. ;)

Its in the Bible......revelations.......we shall know the anti-christ by the number 666<br />
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(ever checked out the Pope's hat ?)