Normals Led Safe Lives


Why are Normals not superstitious? 

  The short answer is Normals led save lives. They are conformist who safely internalize the wisdom of there culture. They are secure and feel no reason to question authority. ETC. 

  I read a sport’s article that reported how American Football players were superstitious. Of course they are. They risk life and limb, not to mention there careers ever time they go onto the field.   I have read the same was true for soldiers in Vietnam. I suspect it is true for most soldiers during combat and would include most athletes who risk injury. I would suspect anyone who takes risk would be to some degree superstitious. 

      I don’t really care that Normals are or are not superstitious.   I am just tired of there smug, self rightness, judgmental paradigm that ridicules all of us that take risk. That’s all…DD     

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

We who are WYRD salute you...DD

DD, I loved your story name so much in Circle Activity I just had to zip over, read it and comment. "Normals". That's hilarious. Who says "they" are the normals. I say that they're missing a cylinder! But I know what you mean. If it can't be "scientifically" proven, measured, explained, demonstrated on command or controlled, it isn't normal. Or real. Despite centuries and kazillions of personal experiences.<BR>We who are "normal" have that extra awareness. Those who are "peculiar" are those who do not have any intuition, perception or openness. Hey, if you're not open, you're closed!