I Love To X

I love to hug someone once I know them but do not X me in real life unless you know  me or you will freak me out.

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12 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Yes - so true - - - but I am so much freer here...


hehe I know I can.

You can just walk up to me and have your way with me.......smiles


hahaha we talked about this earlier! <br />
<br />
i am the exact same way haha if u dont kno me...no touchy haha


No need to sweetheart in 3 weeks I am getting on a plane ;)

I know you were. I would have been on a plane if I thought you were serious.

What makes you think I would say no to a hug from you? ;) <br />
<br />
And hey i know men can be very indifferent when it comes to this but not all are, and i was kidding anyways! =D

Nope. I like puppies better than most men. They may bite me but their wound isn't as deep as the ones a man can leave. Do you need a hug?

And you would not even flinch if a cute pup comes and right into your lap, would you? Maybe depending on the dog's cuteness he would even get a pet and cuddle.....what kind of a world do we live in....I am depressed reading this story, I am suicidal someone save me!!!!!!! :P