Introduction: My Prayer For Myself And The World

"Forgive me, Father, for I am but one of your humble creation and have done countless mistakes and witnessed the countless mistakes of others. We as a people have fallen so far in these past years of the New Millenium that you've bestowed upon us, and may I be the first to apologise for the mess that we've made after your son returned to you so many centuries ago. I, too, was once hedonstic, was once a user of vice, was once a sinner, was once a good man too on top of all of this-and so I wish to be now the very latter of these things. I confess to lying to my parents, despite how thankful and how happy I am to have them. I confess to bedding a women that I never even loved in the past, a regret that will follow me the rest of my life. I confess to knowing about a murder but not telling anyone before it was too late, and for not being Holy and Loyal to you.

"Through trial and tribulation, through studying and ready about almost every denomination, and finding one of your many messengers of this Earth-I have found the path to redemption and light and eternal peace. I was lost, but now am found, and I endeavour that with this I might educate the masses with my expirience and the expiriences of others. May the love of my friends and the love of my many virtues in life guide me in the right path

"I ask you, as I write these words, to kickstart my heart tonight and the hearts of those that read this and the people of whom this book is about. And just know that there is still room for you in this world, still hope that we can make a diffrence in this life, and that we may become a world and people that you can be proud of.

"For the people of the world, for the hard times and the good times that are to come, for the hours that I will spend here writing this text-I pray that you will give us strength and bless every country and nation of people in this world, not just America. In Jesus's name I pray, Amen"
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AMEN! Is that your sister's face I see?