When Life Has Given All It’s Got….

When life has given all its got people look toward religion to offer something better. It promises a world of paradise and perfection where all your needs and wishes are catered to without objection. It offers a place to reunite with family and friends long gone. To spend time with those you’ve missed and loved. It even offers a chance to discover what life truly means and the secrets to the universe. It is a lie. The idea that there is some mystical or god-like being that has a plan for everything and everyone is a fantasy created to explain what we could no explain. When people talk about religion like it’s the answer for everything they reveal how gullible they truly are. To buy into the idea of a talking snake, splitting the seas, a holy black rock from heaven or even magic underpants shows what a detriment Religion is on society. To believe something without reason or cause, lacking logic or sense is supporting an ideal that can never be met or witnesses. We have reached an age where science can explain more than religion can, yet we cling to beliefs in the irrational hope that everything we were taught wasn’t a lie. To continue on as a species we must stop regarding our lives as divined to a purpose. We have killed more of our brothers and sisters for the ridiculous idea of religion than any other method to date. We are not a stupid people. We are not uneducated. So why do we believe in a deity whose life is nothing more than fiction. To believe in a religion is the same as believing in scientology, completely insane, or maybe we should just all buy ‘magic underpants’ and let the world come at us.
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Jan 15, 2013