Do you see the mind the lurks behind this curtain of black silk you love so

Does the mounds of my breasts that you praise

Blind you to the fact , that there beats a heart that can love deep and true and forever

Do the curve of my hips and the hypnotizing sway of them

Distract you to forgetting that my passion does not end in the bedroom , but is just as fierce for life and love

Do these soft little hands , that you imagine gliding on your skin

Do you know their joy is not so singular ... they yearn to comfort and to save , to embrace and hold out hope, when hopelessness is all thats found

My smile that is professed to light up the room like a beacon

Well my friend ...a beacon when lit ...does not only attract others ... but hides the one behind that very light  

And the sparkle of my eye ...that sparkle that is said to give a hint to the child inside.

That sparkle is the remnant of the tears that fell when there is no one around , the tears that threaten to drown me


Love me ... not for the woman you dreamed of ... not for the thing you would have me be

Hold me .... not for what you can get from it... not from the pleasure of my body against yours

Know me ... not the woman you think I am .....not the vamp or the lady

Please ....Please ....Before my time here is over  and I become just a faint , gentle memory in your mind ....Please see me




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Oh, Kitti...I know that music...The Devil Went Down to Georgia...haha...but I couldn't play that,'s more fiddling...I wish I can...maybe I can make it a goal...hmmm...for you, I shall see and ya! *hugs*

I had to stop for a minute when I read your comment ersatz...yes ...that was the feeling I had when I wrote it .. thank you for commenting darlng ...

Thanks lala ..Im glad you liked it dalring =-) *hugs*

This is lovely

thank you Reece ..*hugs reece* =-) Im glad you liked it sweetie

Beautiful Kitti

thank you Sylph ..your a darling as usual... and I still LOve your avatar too it you beautiful creature you *kitti dances to sylph playing "the devil came down to georgia"*....=-D

This is too cool a story/poem, Kitti! I love it...the way you wrote it seems serious but teasing at the same time...beautiful it, honey! I said that already...LOL...okay love your avatar, honey! ;)

lol...this made me laugh darling wolf * runs to MM and hugs him closely * I am so happy you liked it *pinches wolf and runs and gets MM a bigger dictionary * =-)

Excellent!! Extraordinary!! Unbelievable!! Outstanding!!! Mind Blowing!! Fantastic!! The Best !! Opens the dictionary trying to find words so that the beauty of this poem can be<br />
<br />
No words can describe its beauty!! It is a perfect poem that can make many men guilty in this world though it was not written for the same.....*Hugs kitti*...<br />
<br />
I am sure I have always seen you kitti!!

thank you Funkadelic ... I am glad you like id darling =-)

Beautiful & powerful

Thank you darling ... it just came to me ..thanks for your comments *hugs scribs*=-)

I love this story!'s so insightful and gives an idea about a woman's mind to all those who just see the exterior...i love the post...*smiles*